这是 84 年 , 但我们有你要求的额外弓。


The heavens beyond the realm of Sornieth hold more than the stars, moons, and planets. Powerful cosmic energy is now starting to manifest in the markings of dragons that spend their time researching the great unknown. A new gene, 星图, is now available in the 宝石市场!


In today's 开发人员更新, we'd like to give you a small peek at our upcoming 世界地图改造, which will include 所有新的艺术, 互动, and 扩张 to the world of Sornieth. We're also working on a weekly site activity called Roundsey 的抽奖轮盘!


This month, all of dragonkind come together to participate in the Thundercrack Carnivale. This festival celebrates the 闪电飞行. Our most prized possessions, 带电链轮, can be found by using any gathering profession in the lightning territories this week. Neutral and lightning-aligned monsters also have a chance to rarely yield these items as drops 在体育馆里。 They may also be crafted at 鲍德温的冒泡酿造 using alchemy reagents.

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    • Thundercrack Carnivale
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第六年度 Flameforger 节 将从 2018年8月26日06:00 服务器时间 开始, 我们正在运行 皮肤和重音竞赛 在庆祝! (参赛报名截止日期: 星期二, 8月21日至23:59日 )
戈黛娃 Secondary对于 仅限今天 , 满足此标准的龙将会得到净红利财富!
Breed + 2500
螺旋 Gene + 1250